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Custom designed Maternity Pyjamas/sleepwear. Practical and extremely comfortable. Cotton/spandex blend. Multiple colours. Light weight, long sleeve, stretchy and are nursing friendly (unique side feed). Elastic/buttoned waist. Prices from $39.95 . . . read more

Selected Colour/Style: Dark Blue / Navy

Dark Blue / Navy
Grey (Light)
Light Blue
Pink (Light)
Watermelon / Plum
Watermelon / Plum
Watermelon / Plum
Dark Grey

Selected Size/Selection: Small

Dark Blue / Navy : Small
Elephant Print
NOW $49.95 WAS $59.95 (AUD)
RRP $89.95
Dark Blue / Navy : Small
Moon and Back
NOW $49.95 WAS $59.95 (AUD)
RRP $89.95


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MaternityBag’s Maternity Wear are custom designed.  The unique difference is the side access design enabling privacy for nursing mothers. 


Our Maternity Pyjamas are incredibly soft, stretchy and the perfect fit for expecting Mum's.  Our Maternity wear is ideally suited to Mum's hospital stay and beyond. MaternityBag's Maternity Pyjamas are practical and extremely comfortable.  The 2 piece pyjamas are a perfect blend of cotton/spandex.  Available in multiple colours, they are long sleeve, stretchy and are nursing friendly.  With a unique side opening allowing privacy whilst keeping you warm for those night feeds.  Complete with an elastic / buttoned waist, the pants can increase and decrease in size as Mum does. 

We base our sizes similar to Target Australia Pyjamas, however we have added inches to the waist and also increased the length from the front gusset to the waist band to make room for your beautiful belly:)

Sizes are; Small (8-10), Medium (10-12), Large (14-16), X Large (16-18), XX Large (18-20)

During our years of business our Maternity Wear has been tried, tested and perfected.  Our very first pair are still holding shape, colour and are in excellent condition.  MaternityBag's Maternity Pyjamas were very popular with visitors at our exhibits at the Pregnancy, Babies and Childrens's Expo across Australia.  These are truly a winner with Pregnant Mum's and are made to last with high quality fabric and workmanship.

If you are unsure on what size to order, we recommend to always go 'up a size' whilst pregnant to be super comfy, before and after you give birth.  If you're still unsure, email us and we will guide you.

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  • Thank you so much for my beautiful maternity bags! Just got them in the post today and am so excited 😊 we're packed and ready to go!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bags, thank you so much, you have thought of everything and they are truly worth the money.  Can't wait for Bub to arrive.
  • I was completely blown away by the amount of products that came in each bag and the fact that it was such good quality. These guys had literally thought of everything that you and the baby would need while in hospital.