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Basics Pack for Hospital

Basics Pack for Hospital

NOW $75.00 (AUD)
WAS $99.00 (AUD)
Starter Mums Hospital Bag

Starter Mums Hospital Bag

NOW $199.00 (AUD)
WAS $265.00 (AUD)
Mums Weekender Hospital Bag

Mums Weekender Hospital Bag

NOW $250.00 (AUD)
WAS $335.00 (AUD)
Mums Luxury Hospital Bag

Mums Luxury Hospital Bag

NOW $295.00 (AUD)
WAS $395.00 (AUD)
Hospital Essentials Restock ONLY

Hospital Essentials Restock ONLY

NOW $115.00 (AUD)
WAS $150.00 (AUD)
Hospital Essentials + Carry-All Bag

Hospital Essentials + Carry-All Bag

NOW $150.00 (AUD)
WAS $230.00 (AUD)

The Hospital Bag… the last ‘to-do’ and the first thing you need for when the times arrives…

MaternityBag's are Mums #1 choice for Pre-Packed Hospital Bags.  Our range of Hospital Bag options for Mums have been curated to suit all sizes, budgets and colour styles.  When you order a MaternityBag it is individually and carefully packed just for you. 

"What's in these bags, I want one"

It really depends in your budget, however here's a few must-have items included Maternity PJs, Maternity Dress, Underwear, GAIA Nipple Balm, Lip Balm, Hot/Cold Pack, Nursing and Maternity Pads, Toiletries, even ear plugs and so much more!

MaternityBag’s Hospital Bag range can be kept at the front door or in your car; ready for when the special time arrives. Expecting parents can walk right into the delivery room with confidence. All Mum will need to add is her own maternity bra, a few personal items and she is Ready, Set, Baby!

"Ready to see all our options?"

  • The "Little" Hospital Bag (ideal gift)
  • 'Starter' Hospital Bag (suitable for approx 1-2 nights)
  • 'Weekender' Hospital Bag (Suitable for approx 2-3 night stay)
  • Luxury "All in' Hospital Bag (suitable for 3+ night stay)
  • Design your own with our "Separates" section where you can select the items you wish to add to your hospital bag.
Mums Hospital bag
Babies Hospital Bag
Dads Hospital Bag
  • Thank you so much for my beautiful maternity bags! Just got them in the post today and am so excited ? we're packed and ready to go!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bags, thank you so much, you have thought of everything and they are truly worth the money. ┬áCan't wait for Bub to arrive.
  • I was completely blown away by the amount of products that came in each bag and the fact that it was such good quality. These guys had literally thought of everything that you and the baby would need while in hospital.