What To Expect In The First Few Days In Hospital

Your memories of completing forms, booking through, unrobing and going through to birthing fade the moment you have your newborn baby in your arms. A fresh chapter in your life has opened. There is so much to look forward to. But first, what happens next? Well, babies are communicative right from the beginning.

Crying can mean several things like my nappy’s wet, I’m cold, I’m feeling hungry and so on, and you will soon learn to spot the differences. They are also great conversationalists as they hiccup, sneeze, grunt and squeak at feeding time. Do not be startled if baby throws their arms out in a reflex or wants to curl up as if in your womb. This is part of what to expect in the first few days in hospital. Change the subject by letting them grab onto your finger or tickle the soles of their little feet.

Your nurses and paediatrician will take good care of you, attend to all your needs and provide the necessary guidance. However you may feel awkward at the lack of privacy and the fact you cannot walk freely around the building. Boredom is a great confidence breaker, and that is why it is so important to pack the right things in your maternity bag.

The place to start is cosy clothes and nightwear, and your cosmetics. Hospitals run their aircons day and night. This is great for busy nurses but can be chilly when you are trying to sleep at night. Do not worry about appearances. Yoga pants and t-shirt is good and do not forget a pair of bed socks.

When clients ask us what to expect in the first few days in hospital boredom is high up on our list. They generally leave you alone between visits from nursing staff because nobody has time for chatting. If canned television drives you dilly, then pack a few boredom busters like these in your maternity bag:

An MP3 player so you can listen to your favourite music as you doze at night

Magazines with crossword puzzles you can master at a pinch

Laptop with dongle internet in case you can’t connect to wi-fi

Your smartphone so you send selfies and baby snaps to everyone you love
If you are short on time, then MaternityBag can take care of everything else you need for your first few days in hospital.

Location: Australia
Date: Tuesday 21st August 2018

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