Obstetricians And Maternitybag Are Teaming Up All Over Australia!

MaternityBag has revealed its new partnerships with Private Obstetric Clinics. The partnership includes wholesaling their popular Hospital Bags to the clinics whereby their patients then receive a pre-packed Hospital Bag for their labour and hospital stay.

Patients and OBGYN's are thrilled to offer a pre-packed hospital bag from MaternityBag to their patients as a way of saying 'Thanks'. Private Obstetricians Clinics are including a Mum's Hospital bag from MaternityBag to their patients in the last trimester of Pregnancy; much to the surprise of expecting parents.

Dr Anu Kaur from Aurora Women's Health says, "The product is amazing and includes everything our Mums need, they are loving the brilliant idea of MaternityBag".

MaternityBag provides all-inclusive hospital bags providing comfort, convenience and caring for women preparing for childbirth. The hospital bags are beautifully styled and packed full of all the essentials for C-Section or traditional birth and for the arrival of bub.

Chauntel McIntyre, CEO and Founder of MaternityBag comments, "We are honored to take this next step in our business, the product is perfectly suited and is a must for all expecting parents".

If you are a Private Clinic and would like more information, please contact us or email [email protected]

Location: Brisbane
Date: Friday 18th August 2017

Obstetricians And Maternitybag Are Teaming Up All Over Australia! Gallery

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Mums Hospital bag
Babies Hospital Bag
Dads Hospital Bag
  • Thank you so much for my beautiful maternity bags! Just got them in the post today and am so excited ? we're packed and ready to go!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bags, thank you so much, you have thought of everything and they are truly worth the money. ┬áCan't wait for Bub to arrive.
  • I was completely blown away by the amount of products that came in each bag and the fact that it was such good quality. These guys had literally thought of everything that you and the baby would need while in hospital.