10 Things I Should Have Done Before Our Baby Arrived

10 Things I should have done BEFORE my Baby arrived

I love newborns however the transition from a couple to a family of three is not easy! The idea of this ‘brand new’ little human, sleep deprivation, washing, cleaning and feeding the family is not an easy feat.
Looking back, I wish I had done so many things whilst I was still pregnant. Once you take your little treasure home, it’s game on!
Here are my top 10 ‘Things I should have done” before our baby arrived.


Frozen Meals will save you! Trying to put a meal together and on the table before 9pm with a newborn is a tough gig! Pre-cook at least two weeks’ worth of dinners (or as much as you can fit in your freezer). Slow cooked meals in bulk is your life saver.


The idea of going out on a date night after work might seem exhausting and all you want to do is put your swollen feet up on the couch! Believe me, GO OUT ON DATES! Grab your comfy shoes, hubbys hand and walk on the beach together, go to the movies, eat at lovely restaurants and visit your friends and family. It might be a while when you get to do this again.


Spring Clean, deep clean and de-clutter EVERYTHING! If you haven’t touched it in 6 months throw it, give to charity or a friend in need. Trust me, get rid all the Sh*t lying around now! Do a major clean, it may be hard with your oversized belly, but you will appreciate it after Bubs arrives. You will have a million other things to do with no time or sleep. The last thing you will find the time for is cleaning out your second draw, cleaning windows or tidying your linen cupboard. I recommend asking a friend for a cleaning voucher as your shower gift, #winninggift.


YES! YES! YES! Register for online grocery shopping today! Create a shopping list for weekly basics and have that gorgeous bundle of kid free shopping delivered to your door. Trying to think about ‘what’s for tea’, planning the dash to the shops in between sleep routines and the feeding schedule is hard work.


Whoops, my waters broke, QUICK throw everything into a bag and let’s go! This happens a lot and the last thing you want to feel during labour is pressure to remember stuff. Clearly this is my favourite ‘to-do’ as we created this business to avoid this situation and to take the stress out of waddling through a million shops to get all the items in your hospital bag checklist. Do yourself and hubby a favour and check out MaternityBag’s pre-packed hospital products online. Not only will this save you time, stress and money you won’t be left standing at the car yelling at your husband to remember the nappies and your over sized knickers!


With Mummy brain and a newborn, it’s hard to get organised fast. I recommend organising your nursery like a BOSS! Labels are your friend, have all Bubs clean clothes at arm’s length even test your night light for midnight feeds. Look in your upcoming events and think, birthdays, weddings or even Christmas, get these presents, cards and outfits sorted stat!


Book in the hairdresser, a pedicure and a facial if you can afford it. You deserve to look and feel fabulous even if your feet look like they have blown up like a balloon. I’m a blonde and my regrowth was a big Vegemite strip, so off I go with newborn #1 for my foils. 4 hours later, breastfeeding at the sink was not the most pampering or flattering experience.


I regret not having a pregnancy photo-shoot with both my boys. I have one selfie of myself that I can look back on to remember that special time ☹ If you can afford a professional shoot BOOK IT! Otherwise take those selfies every month and don’t forget to include hubby and your nice, fresh, new and clean nursery. Check out our Photography affiliates (on Facebook) who are not only amazing but they include a MaternityBag in the packages.


Wash, fold and arrange the clothes in style and size order, again labels are your friend! This will make life easier when you take Bubs home. Not only is the smell amazing but you will be able to locate clean clothes fast in an imminent poo explosion and your hubby/grandparents will know where to find (and put away) washing for you.


Oh, the memories! We were lucky enough to have a weekend of absolute peace and pampering, yes hubby too! It is such a loving and heartening time for you both in the lead up of Bubs arrival, enjoy time out together with just the two of you. It may be a long time until you get the next weekend or night off together. I created a new Dad kit for my hubby he loved it and it made him feel like he was involved and part of this journey as much as I was.

That’s the TOP 10! Compiled from myself and from feedback from our MaternityBag Mum army. Now, it’s up to you! You’ve got this. Most importantly, just get excited! I know it is the worst waiting around for your baby. Then once your due date passes you are just trying to do everything you can to pass the time. Just enjoy it and try to relax. Babies come when they are ready, and when they do, it is an incredible experience.

Date: Wednesday 29th March 2017

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